What is a dried floral bar?

The dried floral bar allows you to build a bouquet or arrangement that will last! You never have to water them. Every time you look at your dried floral arrangement you'll be sure to remember the day!

Our staff will help you build, cut, and arrange the perfect piece!

What packages do you offer?

We have two packages!

  • (Most popular!) Pay by the stem! This package you can select any vase + any florals - but like the package says, you pay by the stem. Stems can range in price from 50 cents to $6. Vases will also range in price. Everyone has different budgets so this one is good for bachelorette parties + groups that are paying individually!
  • $55 all you can build. This package we supply you with a 4" wide black or white low vase. Anything you can fit into this vase is $55!

Do I need a reservation?

If you have 4+ in your group or you're wanting to book on a Saturday - we do ask that you make a reservation! You can do that by filling out the form below. If you have 3 or less you can visit anytime during the week during store hours.

Does it cost to make a reservation?

If scheduled during store hours - it is free!

If you're wanting outside store hours + a private shopping experience we do charge a $50 fee. (We do recommend after hours for large groups!)

How much time do we have to build our arrangements?

Usually the process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the group size! We do schedule time slots of up to an hour/half for after store hour bookings.

How many people can you accommodate?

We can help up to 8 during store hours. After hours we can help up to 20!

Interested in booking?

Let us know a little more about your event below and we will contact you!

tell us more! + ask us questions!