How did The Boho Vase start?

  • During Covid I decided to scroll through Tiktok along with the rest of the world. I came across a video of hand painted vases & decided why not try to create my own "terracotta" inspired vase set. One thing led to another and I started selling my items on Facebook Marketplace and then Etsy. They took off & I started my own online shop where I grew my skills. I spent hours scrolling, learning, and creating different dried floral arrangements to put in the vases. Eventually I grew out of our spare bedroom set up and I needed a larger space to create. Which leads me to today with our brick + mortar store located in Uptown Ankeny!


How did you know this is what you wanted to do? 


  • I grew up in a small town in North Iowa. In high school I worked at a little gift shop on our old main street. My favorite thing ever was redecorating the large display windows or re-doing displays in store. I then moved to Ankeny for college. I worked my way up in retail & learned the in-and-outs of how to lead a team, and be quick on my feet. But I wanted more. I wanted to be a part of my community and I missed the "small town" shopping feel. Small business is where my heart is. From customers, to friends, to the community as a whole. It's what makes a town unique and I'm happy to finally be a part of that in Uptown Ankeny. :)

What makes your shop different?

  • We carry dried florals - that are everlasting. They'll never die on you! We also have a great variety of gifting/home items. We source small businesses from the DSM metro + all across the country & even the UK/Australia for unique items. I also have a love for thrifting. You'll see vintage glassware, wicker/rattan items, and different fun pieces throughout the shop as well. If you've ever been in store - it's definitely a colorful space. I love color - especially pink! But don't worry there's plenty of neutrals too!